Premaitha Health is a molecular diagnostics company focused on translating innovative science into clinically useful and commercially valuable products initially in the field of prenatal screening. Premaitha’s products combine information from the human genome with the next generation of sequencing technologies to create applications with great potential to improve human health

Premaitha is an established molecular diagnostics company with a proven track record of introducing novel molecular technologies into routine clinical practice. For individuals with the right combination of enthusiasm, talent and development expertise Premaitha offers an enjoyable and rewarding working environment with opportunities for career development.

Job Title:  Automation Scientist

Description of Role: To design, implement and optimise automation processes to support the design, development verification and validation of molecular diagnostic products.

Overall responsibility: Provide automation expertise on development projects, ensuring experimental work is well planned and executed to a high quality in a timely fashion. Automates tests for detection of chromosomal and other genetic abnormalities using DNA isolated from blood samples.

Key areas of responsibility:

•    Install, test and validate new automation systems
•    Ensure that validated systems are maintained in compliance with the Quality System
•    Engage with Scientists and Technicians to automate existing laboratory processes
•    Establish efficient interfaces between automated instruments to enable user friendly workflows
•    Design and optimise automation workflows to ensure they are compatible with test reagents and meet scientific needs and user requirements
•    Enable data transfer and traceability between automation platforms and LIMS (or similar) systems
•    Train other team members in the use of laboratory automation systems
•    Train and support customers in the use of  automation equipment and software

Consults with:

•    Premaitha Health management (e.g. CDO) and staff (notably, within the Development Team)
•    Other Premaitha Health functions (e.g. Quality, Business Development, Legal, Finance, HR, Admin)
•    External consultants appointed by Premaitha Health
•    External companies (e.g., potential suppliers, commercial partners, etc)

Supervisory/Management Responsibilities:

•    Supervise junior staff using automated platforms in the laboratory

Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:

•    At least 5 years of laboratory experience within an industrial setting, of which >1 years spent in an automation scientist role or equivalent
•    Ideally at least 5 years of laboratory experience with >3 years spend in an automation scientist role of equivalent
•    Experience with automated liquid handlers, plate readers, automation software and equipment is essential  (e.g. Tecan, PerkinElmer, Beckman, Hamilton, Agilent)
•    Software programming skills including but not limited to SQL/batch files and VBA for robotic operation and graphical user interface
•    Working knowledge of GLP, as well as instrument qualification and validation
•    Able to analyse scientific workflows and recommend changes to improve scientific processes
•    Good grasp of experimental design and execution
•    Supervisory experience of junior staff
•    Enthusiasm, drive, thoroughness, diligence and a willingness to take personal responsibility to ensure that projects are successful
•    Good organizational skills and enjoys working to tight timeline

Please send in your CV and a covering letter explaining why you would be suitable for the role and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to:

Premaitha Health
Rutherford House
Manchester Science Park
M15 6SZ, UK

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