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Learn more about the IONA® test and non-invasive prenatal screening in recent news articles

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  • The Huffington Post, October 2016 +

    A paradigm shift in women’s access to safer and more accurate prenatal screening should be embraced Read More
  • I news, October 2016 +

    An obstetrician on why the new screening test for Down syndrome should be welcomed Read More
  • London Evening Standard, August 2016 +

    NHS urged to adopt new Down’s test that would ‘prevent 300 miscarriages a year’ Read More
  • The Metro, July 2016 +

    From the positive test to the moment that you hold your new baby in your arms, pregnancy is expected to be a time of excitement and joy. Yet for many women it is a time of great worry and anxiety. In recent research from the IONA® test, at least one in five women report experiencing extreme worry and many mums-to-be admit to regularly losing sleep over concerns for their unborn child. Read More
  • The Huffington Post, June 2016 +

    What is NIPT and why is everyone talking about it: mythbusting non-invasive prenatal testing Read More
  • Mother and Baby, June 2016 +

    “the IONA® test took away the risk of losing my miracle baby” Read More
  • Mother and Baby, May 2016 +

    “the IONA® test gave me peace of mind after learning I was high risk for Down’s Syndrome” Read More
  • The Telegraph, May 2016 +

    The great fertility scam: are older women being fleeced in their bid to have a child? Read More
  • Yorkshire Evening Post, May 2016 +

    New non-invasive prenatal test for Leeds mums-to-be The first ultrasound scan is a major milestone in every woman’s pregnancy. For most, the dating scan – carried out around 12 weeks into the pregnancy – will also include a prenatal screening test for Down’s syndrome and genetic conditions such as Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes. Read More
  • ITV News, January 2016 +

    'Safer, more accurate' blood test for Down's syndrome likely to get go-ahead for use on NHS, ITV News understands Read More
  • BBC News, January 2016 +

    Safer Down's test backed for NHS use Pregnant women in the UK should soon get a safer and more accurate test for Down's syndrome on the NHS, to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Read More
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